Does this product have a warranty?

When you purchase any of our products, you are automatically protected by the Warranty, having 07 days to test it. And if you are not satisfied with the investment made, within that period, you can request a refund via the support email (your email), without complications.

To know more details about the guarantee of NERD BEM TRAJADO see "Terms of Use" on our website.
Why shop with us?
We are the official sales channel for the products. Only through this site you guarantee that you will receive original products in your home and you are protected with our guarantee against defects or dissatisfaction with the products.
Will my purchase be safe?
Yes, our security system is monitored 24/7 and certified by Norton Security, and your data is encrypted at 256 bits (the same used by banks). It is impossible for fraud to occur on your behalf as no data is stored in our system.
How to track my order?
All products are shipped with internationally valid tracking codes and you can check all movements directly on our website. Our suppliers (industries that manufacture the products) ask for an average of 5 working days to send the tracking number.
If even after this period you have not received it, just contact us via email (your email).

To check your order, just access the link: https://rastreamento.correios.com.br/app/index.php
You can find all return rules and steps on the "Exchanges and Returns" page. If you have difficulty finding this page, just type "exchanges" in the search.

What is the deadline?
The delivery time of the products is 2 to 5 weeks after the date of posting.
We send the tracking code within 7 working days after confirmation of payment in the email registered at purchase.
Some products stay a long time in Curitiba due to the inspection of the Federal Revenue that checks all packages that enter Brazil and as they are overloaded sometimes this delays deliveries a lot. It is necessary to wait for delivery, but don't worry, your item will arrive.
We work with suppliers from Asia. When placing an order with more than one item, you may receive more than one tracking code and shipping may occur on different dates.


- In cases where the Post Office makes 3 delivery attempts and the product is returned to the sender, we are not responsible and do not refund.
- In cases of incorrect address, incomplete address, unknown recipient at delivery location, unknown address, recipient moved and postman not answered, we are not responsible or
we refund. It is the buyer's responsibility to correctly fill in the delivery data requested by the website in a place available for receipt.
- Products that are returned to the sender for the reasons mentioned above can be resent to the customer with payment of the return shipping, at the expense of the buyer.
- Importing a product, due to distance, involves carriers, ports, airports, Post Offices, etc. We have no way of speeding up delivery or telling you the exact date of delivery. We work with International Shipping, an economical shipping with tracking.
- Tracking may take time to update due to distance. It is normal for it to take 20 days or more for a new update.
- The period of 4 to 12 weeks is an estimated period, so delivery can be made before or after that period, with a maximum of 12 weeks. Remembering that the vast majority of imports are delivered within 45 days in Brazil.
- In cases of loss or object not located in the postal flow, it will be identified and informed in its tracking code, Nerd Bem Trajado sends a gift card with the same value as the purchase. In this way the purchase can be redone on our website.
- It is the responsibility of recipients who are waiting for orders from abroad to access the tracking of objects on the Correios website and make the payment of the postal order by bank slip or credit card to release the order. The delivery period starts from the date of payment confirmation.
- When all imported products arrive in Brazil, they pass through customs in the city of Curitiba, there they are inspected by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, who choose which ones will be taxed.
All packages. Import Decree 1804/80 guarantees that imports up to $100USD (US dollars) cannot be taxed. Most of our low value products come straight from our suppliers to you.
- All deliveries made from November to February will be subject to delays in delivery due to the large volume of deliveries from the Post Office during this year-end period.
- Chinese New Year Celebration: starting on February 11 and ending on February 25, all orders placed in our store during this period
will be delayed by 15 days in the delivery period stated above.
REMEMBER that by making a purchase from our store, you are AGREEING to all terms of purchase, return or exchange on this site, INCLUDING DELIVERY ESTIMATES AND POSSIBLE DELAYS.

Our support will respond via the following email: your email
In addition, you can send a message directly to this email on the "Contact" page.